7 days ago

Today has been a really hard day. My friends and family are busy and thats okay I have to deal with this alone at some point. My friends are really impressed and how “well” I am doing I keep saying yes to things I keep going out even though I randomly burst into tears and don’t have that much energy the fact that I get out of bed and do anything at all is apparently good.

So let’s see one week ago 2 days after you broke up with me…Last Sunday I saw you. You asked me if I was okay, you picked me up, you said I looked nice.

You said seeing me was what you looked forward to. You made me laugh, you held my hand, you kissed me a lot. You said you didn’t want me to hold on hope but you also said maybe it was a break and you read the birthday card I wrote to you out loud in which I wrote I hope to spend many more birthdays with you and than you said that I would spend more birthday with you….and than you gave me the spare keys to your new apartment (that I was supposed to be living in too) and you gave me the spare key to you car which isn’t cheap.

So how do I not hang on how do I go from that to no contact

Although I might text you tomorrow just to ask if you could block me on facbeook. I am trying to take a social media break but roommate sites and other sites ask you to log into Facebook. And seeing you comment and make jokes with your friends like you don’t miss me at all is really hard. I know I could block you but it feels aggressive or like I am mad and I am not. You want no contact so its easier if you block me so when your ready to talk you can just message me if I blocked you on everything I would never know.



Author: Heartbreaktohappy

Just someone being honest about all the emotions after a devastating breakup

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