So of course because he’s such nice guy he said I could still use his steaming services I really didn’t plan on it because thats not what you do but maybe during the some of the first few wallowing days maybe…he said it wasn’t a big deal I could just watch under my profile. I go on and my profile is gone….I could still watch under his but that can’t be an accident thats its just gone all of a sudden. The only reason this actually upsets me because it makes me think all his other gestures he didn’t really mean and he’s really 100% done with me but can’t tell me to my face. I logged out and cleared the history so I would not not be tempted or even accidentally sign in.

I just wish he wouldn’t have went out of his way to say that I didn’t ask I wasn’t going to use it he told me he wanted me to and who cares so it feels really cold to change that. Again its just hulu it just scares me all his other gestures of friendship one day weren’t what he meant or wanted.


Maybe seeing my profile name just made him sad….but thats just wishful me thats just the version on me that wants him to miss me as much as I miss him.


Author: Heartbreaktohappy

Just someone being honest about all the emotions after a devastating breakup

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